Former VANN MUSIC frontman A. Smyth has released details about his upcoming debut solo album entitled ‘Last Animals’ which is set for release on February 19th 2021.

‘Last Animals’ was produced by Irish studio guru Darragh Nolan at his Asta Kalapa fascility in Gorey. “…we made Last Animals in January of this year, moments before the world was to change forever. Throughout the record I reflect on the effect we as humans are having on our home, little did I know what was to come…. Last Animals is made up of 10 songs, some big, some small, but all with something to say,” explains A. Smyth.

New of ‘Last Animals is accompanied by new preview track ‘River’ which will be released  digitally on 20th November via Lover Records.

As A. Smyth expands “River is a song I wrote about that sense of loss you feel when you’re struggling to find your place in the world. Or even in your own life. It’s a kind of companion for those times, a song I’ve been leaning on a lot myself lately, and I hope others can find the same kind of comfort in it that I have”.


1 Rain Boys / 2 Yeah You Said / 3 Don’t Let Me Down / 4 Say You Won’t Mind / 5 Me And My Old Man / 6 River / 7 Hero / 8 Out of the Disappear / 9 When It Calls / 10 Tempt