After moving to Limerick from Tipperary in 2017, GavinDaVinci has been steadily building steam with releases and collaborations so far offering a glimpse of what’s in store. The ‘Please, don’t listen to my shit if you love me’ EP came out in May 2020 and you might have caught his Council House Freestyle video back in November (watch it here).

Superman is his first release of 2021, produced by Soft Boy’s Kean Kavanagh.

First time myself and Kean ever sat down to make a tune. It was this one. I chilled out in Dublin after the NCH with the boys and turns out they have great tea in Dublin which I did not expect. Perfect clear water. They must get it from Tipperary“.

Hopefully this is a signal of an album/EP on the horizon, we’ll wait and see what’s in store…