We've been spinning tracks off 'Tidal Waves', the last record from 3-piece Swords, since it's release back in November.

That's why, when the live version of the track Sitting on Walls came across our desk, or more accurately, our mobile inbox, we had to spread the word.

The track follows the same slow-build as Diane Anglim (vocals & piano) soars to the tracks crescendo. A tender, emotional cut from the band.

Enjoy the video below:

The video was produced and directed by Amelia Caulfield and Gearoid Connaughton. Live sound was mixed by Micheal Sheil.

The studio version of Sitting On Walls is on the bands album 'Tidal Waves', available on iTunesSpotify and Google Play

Tidal Waves, was produced by platinum selling producer Karl Odlum (The Frames, Gemma Hayes, Mic Christopher, Ham Sandwich), and Mastered by Grammy winning engineer Mandy Parnell (Feist, Bjork, The xx, Sigur Ros, Tame Impala).