Submitting PR / Press / Music for Review / Gig announcements

Submitting PR / Press / Music for Review / Gig announcements gp feature

Press Releases and PR

Any press releases about Irish bands or bands coming to Ireland are welcome. We cannot guarantee we will get something up on the site but we will do our best. Please do not mail multiple times requesting something to go up on the site. It will go up when we get a chance to get to it.

Due to consistent requests for content to go online. We have set out a policy based entirely on immediacy of content for posts about events. If you cannot wait for your event to be posted on our site. We would request a fee of €30 to be posted immediately. Otherwise we ask that you have patience and we will get to your content.

With reviews, please don’t hound us checking if we’re going to review it. We try to get to every review. If a PR agency wants to waste €30 for a faster review, that is their perogative, however we have to date and will always review any album sent into us. So please send your album to us and we will put it in our queue and we should hopefully get to it in the near future. Please bear in mind. GoldenPlec is entirely volunteer ran. We don’t have full time employee’s sitting around to review your album in record time. Get the album to us early and we’ll review it no problem.

Bands – Please do not Tweet or Facebook your material or content and expect us to remember it. Consider our email inbox like our to-do list.

PR – please do not Tweet or Facebook your event details asking us to RT it when you also want a news story. One of the other please.

All PR should be sent to

Submitting Gig News

Please send us enough information to make your listing a little bit interesting.
  • Artist name
  • Support acts
  • Venue
  • Date of gig
  • Cost of tickets / admission
  • Ticket vendor / Sold only on door
  • Your Twitter handle
  • An image for use on the story
  • A recent video link (Muzu or Youtube) / or stream of recent album / EP release (Deezer / Bandcamp ) and information on what you’re promoting with this gig / release.

Interview offers

All interview offers are welcome. As with everything, we will try find someone free and capable of doing the interview. If you are proposing an interview please send us vital details and not just the name of the band.

When will the interview be?
Will it be in person or a phoner?
If in-person where will it be?
How long with the interviewer have with the act?


We are happy to run competitions for readers to go to gigs / festivals or win merch / CDs / signed CDs. Please contact us with full details of the competition.

With regard competitions, it is the one part of the site we are happy to blur the music lines. So if you want to give away movie tickets / comedy tickets / merchandise / gadgets / tech or anything similar then please email [email protected]

Submitting Music

We do not review singles but we will use the songs on our Podcast when it returns.. If you label your email as for play, we will get it into the show.

We prefer submissions via permanent digital links. We are a small volunteer team so we CANNOT guarantee a review but we do our best to get to as much of everything that is submitted to us. Our Irish band submissions receive priority. These are the following preferred options to receive albums and EPs. We ALWAYS prefer the option to download where possible.

  1. Bandcamp – Link to album with a download code or two sent over.
  2. Dropbox – share the folder with [email protected] or use the direct upload option below
  3. YouSendIt – Send us the private link.
  4. Soundcloud – Private link with download option preferred.

Please do not send an entire album as an attachment in pieces of several mails. The less clicks to get your music, the more likely we are to use it.

If you submit the album as stream only you are limiting your chances of review. Firstly we cannot use streams in our 2XM show, we need the file to put it in the show. Second, our reviewers like to give albums multiple listens before casting judgement. If you limit them to listening at their PC, they most likely will choose to pick up another album they can take on the go.

Use your head when submitting. If you don’t trust us with the contents, please don’t bother sending it.

Raw tracks and unfinished or unmastered songs

We don’t want unfinished tracks. Please only contact us with the finished article. It is not fair to you or your band / music to be critically reviewed on an unfinished product. We also are not a sounding board for your material for guidance on how to improve or change a demo track. This is what your producers, managers, friends and family – whatever combination of those you have – are for.


Please name and label your album properly. It is very poor for a band or management to send in files with no ID3 tags and cryptic file names.

Band information

Lets assume we do not know you. Link us to your Facebook and Twitter. We tag reviews when publishing so it will benefit you to save us having to search to find you. There are lots of bands with ungoogle-able names, so help us out.

If you have a band website / Facebook / Twitter / Breaking Tunes link please send it in with the album.

If you want to include a concise bio that is fine, however we don’t want to know everything you have ever done as human beings. Keep it short, concise and telling us the important details to know about your band.

Sending physical albums

Mail [email protected] and we will furnish you with a forwarding address. This should be a last resort, we are quite happy with digital copies unless you want to run a competition. Physical CD’s cost you money, save your money and send us the content digitally.

Album Premiere

If you would like to run your album streaming on Goldenplec before its release, please contact Aidan on [email protected]


Goldenplec carries many forms of advertising across its site. We are open to forms of sponsorship including full site sponsorship or sponsoring a weekly feature.

If you would like to advertise on Goldenplec in our banner / MPU / Skin slots. Please contact [email protected] and we will refer you to a direct contact our our advertising agency I-believe.

If you would like to advertise in our newsletter which now reaches 5,500+ subscribers. Please contact [email protected] to discuss a rate and number of newsletters to be included in.